Open daily from 11:30 to 21:00

@ Ferdinand Bolstraat 128 | Amsterdam

Open daily from 11:30 to 21:00

A Fast Casual Restaurant

We are a Fast Casual Restaurant which evolves from of a fast moving society. We offer fresh meals, authentic street food and healthy snacks where you have full control over the contents of your meal to either eat-in or take-out.

All our meals are quickly made in front of you, where you can choose out of several bases like a bowl, wrap or hand roll. Create a nourishing healthy meal in minutes within a few steps. You choose your base out of grains (think quinoa, white/brown rice) and fill it up with proteins like fish, tofu or chicken. Continue on with raw or cooked veggies, healthy fats, and finally dress it up with your favourite sauce. The result? A flavorful quality meal, composed just the way you like it!

We also offer authentic street food and healthy snacks, which are innovative, surprising, practical (reinterpreted in a “carry out” format) and above all, delicious. At Temakery this comes with the convenience of actually sitting in a restaurant, where your eyes are also being fed. Our restaurant is designed to bring people together in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, while enjoying great food.

Temakery is more than just great food, it’s a way to bring people together!



If you are a foodie, you probably already heard about this new trend, the Poké Bowls! These bowls are officially a Hawaiian dish, and are created on a base of sushi rice. We are taking that to the next level and offer a variety of bases, proteins, toppings (lots of them!) and homemade sauces. You got to try these bowls out, because they are healthy, delicious and totally unique in every way.


This wrap is different from the classic sushi concept. It is brought to a whole new level thanks to a fusion of intense flavors in one massive wrap! Your wildest dreams are becoming reality with the endless possibilities of mixing the ingredients (which are also changing regularly). Needless to say that you are going to enjoy every bite of this beautiful wrap. 


A single large, cone shaped piece of seaweed on the outside, and a variety of protein and toppings on the inside. Ofcourse this also sits on a base of sushi rice as the most common option, but at Temakery we offer several bases to make it more interesting. Try it out yourself, and keep in mind, this will be eaten with your hands! 


We see the snacks and streetfood as a quick inexpensive bite on the run, which are innovative, surprising, practical (reinterpreted in a “carry out” format) and above all, delicious. We tend to experiment with the snacks and streetfood, so you’re in for a variety of unique food. Follow us to keep updated about our experimental dishes! 


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